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I know personally what it feels like to have no hope or options. When my mother was diagnosed with an inoperable Mesothelioma tumor on May 8, 1972, I was beyond devastated. To help us sleep and cope with her illness my father and I were prescribed Valium. My mother died on June 10, 1972, and by then, unbeknownst to me, I was addicted.

This couldn’t happen to me, after all I was brought up by a “good” family, and a college graduate. I thought all the turmoil and trouble that became the norm in my life was because of my mother’s untimely death. After a near death experience, I decided to get help.

Unfortunately, the help I received was not what I needed to heal and I continued on a dangerous path until August 21, 1985 when I put down all mood-altering substances and felt a glimmer of hope.

I graduated from John Carroll University and earned a Masters degree in Counseling and Human Services. As a certified guidance counselor K- 12, an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, and a certified Trim Life Coach, I provide assessments, individual and family therapy, and help people with weight release and eating issues. I have a wealth of experience and training in holistic, strength-based approaches. I’m a practicing Reiki Master since 1985.

During the past thirty years I have focused my professional efforts on supporting others working to regain their lives from the devastation of addiction. Over the years I have facilitated more than 200 chemical dependency interventions for adolescents and adults.

I’m very excited about helping you regain your life using the Luna Living remission lifestyle model. This is a life-saving and life-changing opportunity! Let us guide you out of the darkness into the light.

Kim Lash Community Outreach

Luna Living lifestyle plan, detox and rejuvenation protocols, and other therapies may be used in combination with 12-Step Programs, 12-step Meetings, Addiction Counselors, Psychotherapists, Family Therapists, Spiritual Programs, Integrative Physicians, Nutritionists, and Executive Coaches.

Luna Living is CARF accredited, treatment facility for substance use disorders and intensive outpatient mental health care, located in Chagrin Falls, a suburb of Cleveland, OH. We are staffed by experienced medical personnel. We are open from 7:30a to 7:30p, seven days a week. Same day appointments are available. Our programs are partial hospitalization, medical detox, outpatient and behavioral health.

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If you, or someone you know, needs help with addiction or substance abuse call

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Kim Lash   Community Outreach

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If you, or someone you know,

needs help with addiction or substance abuse call


toll free .

Kim Lash   Community Outreach