Lee London-Trail

Licensed Professional Counselor, LICDC-S, LPC

I have been on my own personal growth journey for the past 29 years and have integrated my learning in a way that it is easily shared with others. I practice mind/body/spirit healing and have been able to help others address all aspects of their addictive patterns, dependency issues, and mood/anxiety challenges. I facilitate a range of groups, including: Women’s Empowerment, Parenting, and Step Family. I utilize many different techniques (per the client’s comfort level). Some examples: meditation, mindfulness, psychodrama, guided visualizations, EFT, Matrix Energetics and Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy.

I have extensive experience working with individuals struggling with addictions, and mood/anxiety issues. My holistic approach allows for the use of a range of techniques in service of my client. I have been told that my ability to support individuals who have experienced Trauma (sexual,emotional,verbal abuse,etc)is outstanding.

Through my holistic view of healing and my ability to bring many different techniques together in a session I create, for us, a dynamic, safe, and healing space for growth and change. Through personal sharing, humor, acceptance, and experience my energy helps us to move through your most difficult challenges.