Sally Iannone

Chief Clinical Officer

Partner Chagrin Falls Brain Energy Spa

Heroin use is an epidemic. It’s tragic. And, I’m doing my best to help people move beyond addiction; but it is part of why I get up in the morning.

You are what’s important to me! I want to find the best way to support you. How we treat each other and how we treat people who suffer from neurobiological impairment motivates me. My goal is to help you open up to your own thoughts, insights and feelings and look at what you are doing that either impedes or enhances your ability to heal.

Since I was little my passion has been to find opportunities that empower the way we respond. To some I might be irreverent, but to my patients, I’m the messenger of hope with a different perspective about them and what they can accomplish.

Whatever you are going through I believe you have the innate power to manage and grow from it. I can help you work through difficulties in a very different way, but you’ll need to make a choice first.

You must decide where you are going. This isn’t my call; it’s yours. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t seeking change. I can help you learn to think through and connect with the power you have. Whether you are losing it, using it or giving it away. We can use your mind to make your behavior different. Our work together integrates who you are with a better response. Integration is a key part of a remission lifestyle.

Despite which chronic illness you are dealing with, chances are you are giving away your power to an illness, a drug, or a doctor. Learning a healthy definition of power, and how to use it as a tool for healing, will help you become more self- directed, capable of healing yourself and managing the disease.

When I started doing therapy I worked at a Community Mental Health Center on the near Westside. I was intrigued, and still am, by the choices people made and how they interfaced with systems, communities and families. The more dysfunctional their lives, the more likely they had an issue with power.

Imagine power as a hammer. You can choose to do nothing; you can destroy yourself and the room; or you can build something. Your choice of how to use it matters.

Chronic illness depletes people. It often leads people to believe the illness they have is who they are. It narrows your life, relationships and opportunities.

Addiction causes the aperture of your inner camera to get smaller and smaller. I want to help you open up your wide-angle lens. I want to help you move from a microscopic view to a landscape and beyond.

My practice specialty is major mental illness and multi-problem families. For years I would refer people with addiction to other therapists because I didn’t think I understood the disease. Then I realized that chemical dependency is just another version of your brain betraying you, telling you things that are not true. It is another kind of thought disorder. This realization gave me a way to help you help yourself.

I have a Master of Science in Social Administration from the Mandel School of Applied Social Science of Case Western Reserve University and a double undergraduate degree in sociology and political science. Over the years this knowledge has helped me develop and adapt a therapeutic model to help individuals and families resolve their problems and meet their needs. From my education and years of experience the PAIR therapy model evolved. Power, Autonomy, Intimacy and Reciprocity (PAIR) is the foundation of Luna Living’s Get ReAL Therapy.

While in our care, my team and I will guide you from no hope to having hope and the energy to match. At the end of ten days you’ll be thinking more clearly and have specific tools to manage and approach life’s stressors in a different way. You’ll still be the one to do the work and make good choices, but you won’t need to go it alone. You’ll be better prepared to go back to a life you want and love.