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Choosing Intensive Outpatient vs. Residential Treatment

In 2011, The American Society of Addictive Medicine, redefined Addiction as a chronic brain disease that must be medically AND psychologically treated to be effective. When the brain receives the nutritional support it needs, you automatically make better behavioral choices. This is why Luna Living treats drug and alcohol abuse as a physical disease first.

We offer an intensive outpatient Alcohol and Drug Detox Program with around the clock personal attention. No two people are treated alike because nutritional balance is unique to you.  Let us help you detox and live in remission (sobriety)!

While residential treatment (where a person resides on campus for weeks to months) can be effective in the short-term, there is debate whether residential treatment has any better long-term result on abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse than intensive outpatient programs.

Researchers found, in a federally funded four-year study of 922 alcoholics1 participating in a residential program, that:

  • 28 percent refrained from drinking for six months after treatment.
  • 21 percent remained abstinent after one year.
  • 7 percent remained abstinent after four years.

1SEVEN WEEKS TO SOBRIETY, Joan Matthews Larson, Ph.D., pg. 20

Outpatient Treatment Improves Your Results

Addiction, like other chronic illnesses, requires that you manage the symptoms of the disease in ways that don’t erode your quality of life. Typical symptoms include cravings, sleeplessness, nausea, agitation, tremors, anxiety, hypertension and memory problems. Left untreated these symptoms can be debilitating and progressive.

At Luna Living you learn to manage destructive symptoms that can trigger a relapse. You build your resilience through non-addictive and nutritional chemistry, behavior modification, and lifestyle changes.

Our outpatient programs are partial hospitalization, medical detox, outpatient, and behavioral health.

We offer:

  • Medically-supervised, nutritionally-aided detoxification and rejuvenation protocols
  • Administration of medication, if appropriate
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – individual and group
  • Multidimensional family therapy

Benefits include:

  • A staff that puts YOU first
  • A 10-Day IV NAD+, Quantum Brain Cleanse™, a medically-supervised, nutritionally-aided detox
  • Less time consuming
  • Less expensive
  • Live at home, if you choose
  • Greater social support – keep friends and family close by
  • Attend the same facility for all phases of your treatment
  • Maintain day-to-day activities with fewer disruptions
  • Maintain employment

Quantum Brain Cleanse butterfly10-Day IV NAD+ Quantum Brain Cleanse™ assists your detoxification and rejuvenation process by nourishing your body, fueling its natural ability to heal. Our medically-supervised, nutritionally-aided detoxification support, in the form of nutrition and adequate fluids, improves the elimination of toxins and encourages the healing of the organs directly involved in detoxification: the brain, liver, kidneys, and intestinal tract.

Disclaimer: The detoxification experience as outlined on this website is meant to be an example, but results, withdrawal symptoms, and experience will vary by patient, severity of addiction and other factors.

Behavioral Health

Negative behavior interferes with your quality of life and it can destroy your health. Factors like stress trigger old habits that are difficult to change. We can help you significantly reduce the pain and distress associated with persistent substance abuse and neurodegenerative conditions.


Isn’t it time to take your personal power back? Luna Living makes change fun, manageable, and inspiring. Only one catch, get use to the fame. People will ask. What’s different? Where can I buy that? Children and spouses will happily follow.

Luna Living Care Room

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    Luna Living lifestyle plan, detox and rejuvenation protocols, and other therapies may be used in combination with 12-Step Programs, 12-step Meetings, Addiction Counselors, Psychotherapists, Family Therapists, Spiritual Programs, Integrative Physicians, Nutritionists, and Executive Coaches.

    Luna Living is CARF accredited, treatment facility for substance use disorders and intensive outpatient mental health care, located in Chagrin Falls, a suburb of Cleveland, OH. We are staffed by experienced medical personnel. We are open from 7:30a to 7:30p, seven days a week. Same day appointments are available. Our programs are partial hospitalization, medical detox, outpatient and behavioral health.

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        • Maintain employment

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        If you, or someone you know,

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