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Luna Living’s diagnostic approach to remission takes into account both western and eastern medical philosophies, as well as psychosocial and mental health care. All of these practice descriptions apply to the journey of helping you restore your health – integrative medicine, functional medicine, complementary medicine, alternative medicine, preventive medicine, holistic medicine, and naturopathic medicine.

Our physicians prescribe therapies that help you heal as quickly as possible. Your state of health, preferences, age, and personality are considerations. Our physicians seek to deliver immediate relief when possible. They assist you in creating a plan that supports your recovery and lifetime remission.

Addiction brings about the necessity to make big changes. Change can be stressful. Our clinical and medical team make every effort to minimize the challenges you’ll face and support you through recovery should relapse occur. Remission is built on four pillars of health: physical, mental, spiritual and environmental. Like every skill, it takes practice and good instruction. We take an comprehensive approach to your recovery.

A Signature Focus: Nutrition

You don’t need to be a dietitian to know that what you eat matters, especially when it comes to brain health. The Central Nervous System is the body’s electrical system. To function properly the body must ingest essential nutrients and convert them internally into signaling equipment called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are naturally occurring chemicals inside the body that transmit messages between nerve cells. There are 183 identified neurotransmitters that tell every part of the body what to do.

Most amino acids are converted to neurotransmitters in the gastrointestinal tract which is why high quality nutrition is king. You can’t simply take a pill, and violá, everything is fixed. With the help and advice of our experienced physicians, you can accelerate the conversion process with supplementation.

Two of the major neurotransmitters responsible for optimal brain health are serotonin and catecholamine, which includes norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine.  Other top level communicators in the brain are acetylcholine, histamine and GABA.

Improved brain health benefits the total body. Neurotransmitters tell our heart to beat, our lungs to expand, and our digestion to fire. Eating the right amount of essential nutrients – amino acids, vitamins and minerals is critical. Sustaining a diet deficient in any of these essential nutrients, abusing drugs and alcohol, and not properly managing anxiety and stress can lead to irreversible damage. We take a proactive position on your health by teaching you to manage your nutrition.

No matter the source of your brain disease – trauma, genetics, injury, aging, diet, drug and alcohol abuse – every degenerative disease has a cause in common. All depend on the unencumbered flow of information by healthy neurotransmitters in order for the body to sustain health. When they are out of balance, disease occurs.

Scientist, researcher, and physician, Dr. Marty Hinz, M.D., at his NeuroResearch Clinic in Duluth, Minnesota has discovered how to using amino acid precursors to effectively treat most cases of mental and emotional disorders including depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and OCD; all resulting from Serotonin depletion. His team has found that Dopamine depletion conditions such as Compulsive Eating Disorder, Restless Leg Syndrome, and Parkinson’s Disease can also be treated successfully.

Our personalized medical detox and IV NAD+ therapy addresses these physical issues from the start.

Remember: Healing is a journey not an event.  Rest assured, our team is committed to a healthier, happier you.

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