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When it comes to addiction there isn’t a quick and easy fix to this serious brain disease. Effective care is as personal as the individual, which is why Luna Living treats every guest uniquely. Your preferences, responses, reactions, and boundaries will always be honored and respected.

Currently there is no cure but, when you do the inner work, you can expect to achieve a higher quality of life than you ever dreamed possible. Here’s a preview of how.

In 2011, The American Society of Addictive Medicine redefined addiction as a chronic brain disease that must be medically AND psychologically treated to be effective. Luna Living treats drug and alcohol disorders as a physical disease first. Once the cravings subside, and they will in a matter of hours or days, we turn our focus to your behavioral health and improving your state of well-being.

In order to help our physicians gain insight into how to help you enter remission, and stay there, Luna Living augments traditional medical diagnostics with psychosocial assessments and genetic testing. Results coupled with hair analysis, and nutritional and enzymatic biomarkers gives the team a better understanding of the physiological effects that drugs and alcohol have had on your body and how to best treat the symptoms that affect your health.

For you to rise above the “dis-ease”, your body must undergo a systemic change. The physical and mental conditions of addiction vary from person to person and have a major impact on treatment results. A goal of Luna Living’s personalized approach is to help you maximize your recovery outcome. Left to its own devices the body could continue looking for old patterns to satisfy the physiological imbalance(s), placing you at a higher risk of relapse.

An untreated imbalance could bring on depression, cause anxiety or increase cravings that may result in your self-medicating. Once hormonal and enzymatic balance is achieved relief from the symptoms can be enjoyed.

To help you build resiliency the Luna Living medical team takes into account every part of you – the effect of hormones, adrenal, pancreatic, metabolic digestive functions, lifestyle, environment, genetics, age, mental health and drug(s) of choice to fight a very complex disease. Lifelong remission is possible when a holistic approach is taken.

To learn more about NAD+ research in this field of medicine, Click Here.


Disclaimer: The detoxification and rejuvenation experience as outlined on this website is meant to be an example, but results, withdrawal symptoms, and experience will vary by patient, severity of brain disease, addiction, health and other factors.

Disclaimer: The research papers listed do not necessarily reference or specifically contemplate the specific NAD+ infusion therapy provided by Luna Living; but instead, discuss the benefits of NAD treatment and research more generally.

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