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Forty is the new 20, 50 is the new 30, and 60 is the new 40. Aging is a natural occurrence; however, researchers are proving premature aging is not. They are proving that it’s no longer necessary to accept fatigue as a consequence of aging. David Sinclair at Harvard University published a paper saying that he had been able to reduce the functional “age” of muscle tissue in mice. By treating the mice with NAD+ he was able to increase muscle tone, which holds much promise in delaying the premature wearing out of the body over time.

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David Cameron in the Harvard Medical Journal reviewed Sinclair’s study highlighting that findings showed that as NAD+ decreases, the ability to produce ATP in the mitochondria for energy also decreases. By replenishing NAD+ in mice their muscles rejuvenated. Although results for human studies will take several years to realize, studies have begun to replicate the beneficial effects of NAD+ on aging in humans. Sinclair told ABC News that he sees this breakthrough to be comparable to what the discovery of antibiotics was to infection.

Energy results from mixing oxygen with other chemistries. ATP adenosine triphosphate is the chemical your cells use to power their functions. Since NAD+ is found in every cell in the body and enables the transfer of energy from the foods we eat to vital cellular functions, it could represent long reaching benefits in retarding premature aging.

At any age you can choose to rollover and neglect the maintenance of your health or you can choose to live life in the best condition you can. Health is a goal worth committing to and the fundamental reason why nutritional science is a good place to start.

To learn more about NAD research in this field of medicine, Click Here.

Disclaimer: The detoxification and rejuvenation experience as outlined on this website is meant to be an example, but results, withdrawal symptoms, and experience will vary by patient, severity of brain disease, addiction, health and other factors.

Disclaimer: The research papers listed do not necessarily reference or specifically contemplate the specific NAD+ infusion therapy provided by Luna Living; but instead, discuss the benefits of NAD treatment and research more generally.

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