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Our 2-Week outpatient addiction recovery program, which includes a 7-Day Outpatient Medical Detox and IV NAD+ therapy targets two areas: biochemical recovery and trauma/stress recovery.

Our approach addresses all aspects of addiction and its consequences to the individual, family, and society. We take an evidence based approach that incorporates the most advanced restorative therapies on the market, such as IV NAD+ Therapy (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) and Donna Eden Energy Medicine to attenuate detox symptoms, diminish the repercussions of trauma and stress, and reduce, or possibly eliminate, the need for additional pharmaceuticals, including replacement opiates such as Suboxone for the long-term maintenance of sobriety.

Our 7-Day Medical Detox is available for the following Substance Use Disorders

Alcohol, Heroin, Opiate, Benzo, Marijuana, Stimulants (Suboxone and Benzo detox requires additional three days)

90-Day Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program


Medical and Clinical Assessments
Start of Care Appointment
Basic Start of Care Medical Testing
A 7-Day Medical Detox and IV NAD+ Infusions
10 days of Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP)
4 Hours of Individual Therapy
10 Neurofeedback Sessions
6 follow-up IV NAD+ Booster
2 Reiki Sessions
Nutritional Hair Analysis
Breakfast, Lunch; Snacks and Beverages (PHP only)

If you have a private therapist, you will return to their care after the 2-Week program and follow-up with Luna Living for specific recovery care, such as IV NAD+ Therapy Boosters.

If not, Luna Living is a full-service mental health clinic to help you achieve lasting recovery.

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Talk Therapy
• Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR)
• Hypnotherapy
• Breath Therapy
• Art Therapy
• Neurofeedback
• Reiki

Additonal Wellness Support Programs


Stress Recovery Program
4-5 Days – IV NAD+ Infusion Therapy
2 Hours Individual Psychotherapy
3 Neurofeedback Sessions



Contact our office for an initial phone assessment. A fee-based schedule will be discussed at that time.

Luna Living is a private pay clinic staffed by Ohio licensed medical and clinical professionals. We are an out-of-network provider. We bill most insurance companies on your behalf. We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid at this time. Payment in full is due at the time of service. Financing is available through our lending partner MyTreatmentLender.com.


The journey to lasting sobriety begins with detoxification. For admission, all guests must medically qualify. A complete medical and psychosocial examination including comprehensive laboratory screenings, urinalysis, hair analysis, and other assessments designed to identify your specific needs is given.


Our 7-Day medical detox includes medical intervention, if necessary, close supervision and IV NAD+, a co-enzyme that lessens the symptoms of detox and withdrawal. During medical detox you spend 6-12 hours per day in a comfortable care suites under close medical supervision. During this time you receive monitored doses of IV NAD+ Therapy based on individual need. As soon as you feel up to it you begin participating in individual and group therapy from master’s level therapists with expertise in trauma, and cognitive behavior therapy. Family counseling begins. Family members and significant others are encouraged to participate.

Other therapeutic approaches include mindfulness meditation, hypnotherapy, art therapy, and nutritional education. Family members and significant others are encouraged to participate.


After completing the outpatient medical detox you may transition to the optional extended care program. You return to the facility Monday through Saturday for two weeks for Neurofeedback, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy and one IV-NAD Booster.

– AFTERCARE (DAYS 30-180) –

A case manager is assigned to help you step down into a less intensive level of care that includes:

  • Monthly IV-NAD booster
  • Monthly Individual therapy session
  • Monthly Group Session
  • Monthly Neurofeedback Session

You will be connected to outside resources to ensure long lasting recovery. The Luna Living remission lifestyle plan may be used in combination with any 12-Step Program or 12-step Meeting.

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