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  • Work remotely – maintain employment
  • 7-10 Day medical detox utilizing IV NAD therapy
  • Minimize withdrawal symptoms – reduce cravings
  • Live at home – less expensive
  • Greater social support – keep family close by
  • Maintain daily activities with fewer disruptions
  • Attend the same clinic for all phases of treatment

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– Choosing Intensive Outpatient Treatment –

In 2011, The American Society of Addictive Medicine, redefined Addiction as a chronic brain disease that must be medically AND psychologically treated to be effective. When the brain receives the nutritional support it needs, you automatically make better behavioral choices. This is why Luna Living treats drug and alcohol abuse as a physical disease first.

Addiction, like other chronic illnesses, requires that you manage the symptoms of the disease in ways that don’t erode your quality of life. Typical symptoms of addiction include cravings, sleeplessness, nausea, agitation, tremors, anxiety, hypertension and memory problems. Left untreated these symptoms can be debilitating and progressive.

At Luna Living you learn to manage destructive symptoms that can trigger a relapse. You build your resilience through non-addictive and nutritional chemistry, behavior modification, and lifestyle changes.

While residential treatment (where a person resides on campus for weeks to months) can be effective in the short-term, there is no evidence that residential treatment has any better long-term result on abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse than intensive outpatient programs. From our point-of-view there is no advantage for most people. Our physicians and therapists will recommend residential therapy when called for.

As an outpatient guest you can take advantage of:

  • Medical detoxification with IV NAD+ therapy that eases the discomfort associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal
  • Highly qualified integrative team of medical and clinical professionals experienced at helping you to enter remission and stay there
  • Individual cognitive behavioral therapy sessions – not solely group therapy – during the 2-week Recovery Program
  • Multidimensional family therapy
  • Genetic testing and nutritional assessment
  • Nutritional education and cooking instruction
Biochemical Recovery

Being malnourished interferes with healthy brain activity. Not getting the essential nutrients your body requires destroys your quality of life and your health. At Luna Living we pay close attention to healthy brain food and recommend nutritionally beneficial supplementation when prescribed.

Trauma and Stress Recovery

Almost everyone suffers from the repercussions of a stressful event yet addicts are far more likely not to move beyond the trauma. Factors like trauma and stress can trigger old habits making it difficult to change.

Behavioral Modification

Destructive behavior interferes with your quality of life. We can help you find the inner resources it takes to make better choices and live in remission.

Remission Lifestyle

Lifestyle Luna Living is the foundation of healthy, enjoyable living. We help you make change fun, manageable, and inspiring. Only one catch, you’ll need to become accustom to the fame. People will ask. What’s different? Where can I buy that? And, children and spouses will happily follow.

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