Wendy Komac  Chief Executive Officer and founding partner of Luna Living Wendy Komac

Chief Executive Officer

and founding partner of Luna Living

It’s been more than 29 years since I woke up downtown in an unfamiliar basement and decided the way I was living wasn’t working for me anymore. After ten painful years of addiction, my life and my body were in shambles. I had allowed the drinking and cocaine to steamroll me, I was a perpetual pile of mush. I wasn’t in control of anything – my emotions, my actions or my reactions. I had worn out every alibi known to man and mastered finding blame in everyone else.

The realization that I had reached the end of my rope, came on July 28, 1986. The only problem was I hadn’t left enough rope to hang myself – I couldn’t even get that right! Disappointed by my lies, deceits and failed promises; everyone had deserted me.

My lifestyle, for more than ten years, had depended on the bottle of vodka a day to get me through. The notion of taking responsibility for me, whatever that meant, felt overwhelming. What could I do? After all, when I looked up Wendy Komac in Webster’s Dictionary, the definition said “World’s Biggest Loser”.

By nightfall, I had turned into a crabby, crappy human being needing some simple (albeit not easy) steps toward positive change. I thought: wouldn’t it be nice if I had an instruction manual on how to make the most of a bad situation. The tiered changes that resulted, the tools and resources I used, and the lifestyle I live are the much-needed manual I didn’t have. Welcome to Luna Living, a glorious remission lifestyle I hope you will share with me!

Over the years I’ve volunteered at the detox ward of a major hospital and devoted years to supporting young adults and their families struggling with addiction issues. I love teaching people that even if they made poor choices in the past, they can change choices and as a result, their life.

I have a good idea about what works and doesn’t work. Just don’t lie to me. I am blatantly honest about the very crazy stories of my life with the intention that my foibles will teach the lessons necessary to facilitate recovery. I believe everyone can be a leader in his/her own life and it is never too late to start.

After years of being a recovery coach to the stars and top-flight executives, and sponsoring young people working through addiction, I know that when you decide it’s time to stop, my team and I can help you quit and live in remission joyfully!

Sometimes intervention is the safest way to kick start a remission lifestyle. Under the influence it can be too hard to do it for yourself. We help families to intervene successfully. Call us. 440-703-0940.

Once detoxed, we are confident that we can help you see your own value again by fostering the hope and energy you needed to move forward. No one can put more sand in your hourglass, but you can change how you spend your sand. When you change your brain, you change your life. That is exactly what I did. You can too!

I can empathize with the pain associated with your loss of innocence. Once I decided to get sober, as it was called then, I had no job, no prospects, no friends and not a shred of positive identity, at least that I could find within. The only thing I could remember about my innocence was that I was a straight-A student in junior high. I’d been drunk for most of high school.

A single thought seeded a metamorphism that gave me the inspiration to become a mother of two wonderful children, Lexi and Cory; an outstanding daughter and sister; a recovery coach to many; a friend, a five-star chef, and a recognized multi-industry turnaround expert known for crafting distinctive strategic visions to quickly achieve exponential growth.

Through it all I recognized that I offer a unique blend of executive acumen, team building skills, and a gift at sales strategies that resulted in strong ROI and revenue improvement. Working as a Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Fortune 500 companies for more than 15 years, I learned how to overcome the tendencies “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” due to a combination of poor leadership and the lack of internal drive and ambition.

After successfully completing six turnarounds in corporate America and 29 years of sobriety, I decided last year it was time for me to focus on solving complex challenges of addiction and recovery. My commitment to you is to give you the tools needed to beat the law of averages for lifetime sobriety by being “actively engaged” in your remission lifestyle.

I believe that while a person can be successful on his own, the results are far better if he partners with a group of people that believe in themselves, and their talent. When you nurture an environment of enrichment, you will be amazed at what comes out of you. Ideas aren’t regrets or lost chances anymore, they bloom within.

An accomplished motivational speaker, in my presentation, "The Elevator to Success is Out of Order ... Use Steps", I offer answers why you must go the extra mile, avoid sloppiness, and invest in yourself, and your career. The moral of the story is you are your most valuable asset.

I am the author of the Amazon best-selling book, I Work with Crabby Crappy People and I blog under the pen name, Wendywoman, a corporate superhero out to help all employees find their hidden greatness.

Every morning, I start my day with mindfulness meditation. Spirituality isn’t about religion; it’s about going to the place of no conflict and experiencing balance. We live in a world of balance sheets, budgets and books; we seldom take a step back to ask ourselves why am I here and what makes me the person, I am. It is evident in today’s working world that no job is 9-to-5 anymore. To perform at your best, you need this time to feed yourself physically, mentally and spiritually so that you are balanced for the rest of the day.

I’ve learned the hard way that if I don’t take care of myself, I can’t help other people. From a place of balance, I can move in a million different directions. No day is the same –giving inspirational speeches, helping people find their greatness, cooking and writing are often tasks that keep me busy.

I’ve learned to bloom where I am planted. Knowing that I can control my reactions and responses in a constantly changing world makes me feel empowered. By remaining at the wheel at all times, I make the choice to hit the gas or slam on the brakes - I don’t allow change to run me over. With that insight came autonomy. I’ve learned to regroup quickly no matter what life presents.

Had I not drank a bottle of vodka a day for more than 10 years, I don’t believe I would have two of the key leadership traits that help me achieve more success than I ever dreamed possible: tenacity and empathy. I’ve discovered that most people actually can do better when they are in the midst of a challenge they believe they can overcome. I love balancing appropriate levels of change and inspiration so that I am challenged enough to stretch and grow past where I was yesterday.

Life doesn’t have to be merely existing. You can bring “you” into the world. Everyone is unique, talented and creative and it is up to you, a leader, to foster your experience.

Wendy Komac  Chief Executive Officer and founding partner of Luna Living

Luna Living lifestyle plan, detox and rejuvenation protocols, and other therapies may be used in combination with 12-Step Programs, 12-step Meetings, Addiction Counselors, Psychotherapists, Family Therapists, Spiritual Programs, Integrative Physicians, Nutritionists, and Executive Coaches.

Luna Living is CARF accredited, treatment facility for substance use disorders and intensive outpatient mental health care, located in Chagrin Falls, a suburb of Cleveland, OH. We are staffed by experienced medical personnel. We are open from 7:30a to 7:30p, seven days a week. Same day appointments are available. Our programs are partial hospitalization, medical detox, outpatient and behavioral health.

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Wendy Komac  Chief Executive Officer and founding partner of Luna Living

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If you, or someone you know,

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Wendy Komac  Chief Executive Officer and founding partner of Luna Living